Cincinnati Innovative Research Center (CIRC) is located within proximity to multiple healthcare facilities. With an experienced team in research and access to diverse participant populations, CIRC is in a strong position to collaborate with sponsors and CROs to deliver high quality research projects.

Cincinnati Innovation District

2021 Cincinnati population statistics per “World Population Review”:

- Caucasian 50.75%

- African American 42.25%

- Other 2.59%

CIRC Office

IRN has capacity to conduct on-site, virtual, and remote visits as well as phone and follow up calls.  Our site has also established a 24-hour phone line for all participants, in the case of an emergency.

CIRC offers participants, CRO’s and Sponsors newly renovated accommodating facilities such as:

- Physical exam, EKG and Phlebotomy Areas
- Conference and Monitor Room
- Consultation and Pre-screening Rooms
- Double Locked, temperature-controlled IP storage (ambient, frozen, and refrigerated)
- CLIA waived on site lab with centrifuge, refrigerator and -20 to -70 freezer- Site owned EKG, scale, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometers and Blood Pressure equipment
- Separate waiting room and entrance for study participants

CIRC Office

All equipment is calibrated annually, and temperatures and humidity are monitored daily.

Our staff pays close attention to adhering to current sponsor and FDA guidelines and they are GCP/ICH certified, and our investigators are licensed to practice medicine in Ohio.
As such, our staff is compliant with up to date:

- Standards of Practice
- COVID-19 Procedure

- Blood Borne Pathogens

Our clinical staff is trained to provide on-site procedures, such as:

- Phlebotomy
- Injections and IVs
- FEI medication

- Vital Signs
- COVID-19 testing
- Lab processing

CIRC would like to hear your feedback and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate.  You may reach us directly at  (513)978-0980. Fax: (513)978-0981 or complete the form below.

We look forward to communicating with you.

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