CIRC is an innovative research site located in the heart of Cincinnati. Our dedicated and qualified staff excels in performing diverse research projects in different disciplines and various study designs. CIRC is well equipped to conduct cutting edge research projects in accordance with the highest industry standards. Our location enables us to access minority populations that are underrepresented in clinical research. 

These strengths of CIRC enable us to fulfill our mission which is “To contribute to advancing research initiatives and projects that utilize new innovations to improve healthcare and reduce minority disparities”.

CIRC participates in a wide variety of studies within multiple disciplines.
Some areas in which we study include:

- Allergy/Immunology
- Cardiology
- COVID-19
- Endocrinology/Metabolic Disorders
- Gastroenterology
- Infectious Disease
- Liver and Kidney Impairment
- Men’s Health

- Neurology
- Oncology
- Psychiatry/Mental Health
- Respiratory
- Muscular/Skeletal
- Urology
- Vaccine Development
- Women’s Heath
- Healthy Volunteers

CIRC has the capacity to conduct clinical research with on-site visits and procedures as well as virtual/remote visits.  We offer 24-hour support to all volunteers.

Our address is 173 East McMillan St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

CIRC Office


CIRC location give us access to diverse population who are usually under-represented in clinical research.

CIRC Address: 173 E McMillan St Cincinnati OH 45219

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